Harrison Middleton University is a great ideas, great works, great conversations, distance learning university that offers graduate education in the humanities with concentrations in imaginative literature, natural science, philosophy and religion, and social science. Harrison Middleton University promotes student-faculty scholarship through research, discussion, and the development of collaborative publications.

Many factors set distance learning at Harrison Middleton University apart from other institutions: personalized coursework, open enrollment, and flexible study. Students choose from a variety of degree programs and can design courses using 102 Great Ideas. The individualized programs include readings which may be selected from the Great Books of the Western World, the Annals of America, and Great Books Foundation anthologies. In addition, other works may be selected from authors listed in the Great Books of the Western World Bibliography of Additional Readings which may be available in many popular editions or collections.

Students interact one-to-one with tutors throughout their coursework and are assigned a mentor to guide them from entry to graduation. The principal role of the tutors is not to expound doctrines in their particular area(s) of knowledge, but rather to promote thoughtful inquiry and the productive exchange of ideas.

In addition to undergraduate and graduate education, Harrison Middleton University offers adult basic education, adult secondary education, literacy and English language acquisition for adult learners using Great Books anthologies,  and continuing education.

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