Changing the Conversation

THE ALLIANCE FOR LIBERAL LEARNING promotes and supports conversations about great works and ideas. We believe in the enduring value of lifelong liberal learning, which prepares us to live freely and well.

Who we are.

The Alliance for Liberal Learning (ALL) is an exciting new initiative that brings together North America’s leading institutions and individuals
dedicated to advancing liberal education as a lifelong endeavor.

The organizations in the ALL network are leaders in Socratic learning,
inquiry- and discussion-based learning, classical education, core text and Great Books programs across the spectrum of elementary, secondary,
college, adult continuing education and informal adult learning.

They share a belief in the profound and lasting benefits that a
liberal education brings to our educational, civic and personal well-being.

What we do.

ALL works to increase public awareness, understanding and appreciation
for lifelong liberal education. We provide professional learning and
networking opportunities, and we facilitate partnerships and collaborations among ALL network organizations. Join us at our second annual conference in Chicago in October 2016!

Latest news.

Liberal Arts at the Office

Closing the skills gap for frontline workers at major U.S. employers requires a better bridge between what colleges and universities offer and what the workplace requires. Discussions about this gap too often get characterized as simplistic debate. On one side are educators insisting on an impractical ideal of the liberal arts. On the other side […]

The Mitchell Gallery: Call for Artist Entries

Deadline for artwork submissions is March 12, 2017 The Mitchell Gallery at St. John’s College is pleased to present “Image & Imagination: Anne Arundel County Juried Exhibition 2017,” a multi-media biennial exhibition of artists who live or work in Anne Arundel County. Christopher With, adult educator from the National Gallery of Art (retired), and current […]

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Upcoming events.

Great Books Tampa Bay Conference

The nature and manifestations of “madness” will infect the minds of scores of Great Books enthusiasts when the Tampa Bay Great Books Council hosts its 12th Annual Conference at the Hilton St. Petersburg/Bayfront Hotel on January 28-29, 2017! Under the Conference title, “It’s a Mad, Mad World!” attendees will discuss William Shakespeare’s “King Lear,”  Joseph […]

Aquinas on Faith and Reason

“It is impossible that the truth of faith should be opposed to those principles that the human reason knows naturally…” —Thomas Aquinas, Summa Contra Gentiles As traditionally defined, rationality is based on reason or facts, and faith is belief in inspiration, revelation, or authority. The word faith sometimes refers to a belief that is held with […]


The Agora Foundation

University of Chicago Graham School Sample Discussion

Basic Program Sample Discussion on The Prince by Machiavelli Join the University of Chicago Graham School’s Basic Program of Liberal Education for Adults for a free sample discussion. Basic Program instructor Adam Rose will lead a discussion on chapters 17–18 of The Prince by Machiavelli. Is it better to be loved, or feared? In what […]


University of Chicago Basic Program of Liberal Education for Adults
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